Sunday, May 4, 2008

white watches

ever since i saw shayne from the bachelor wearing her white watch i have been on the prowl to find one, and last week i finally did. i got this first one here from guess and i love it. it's waterproof which is great since i'm in the shampoo bowl often. and i just read that white watches are hot this summer, so go out and get one!
dior from nordstrom
D&G from nordstrom
juicy from nordstrom-- i love this one


Ashley said...

i am obsessed with shayne and i loved her watch! thanks for the tips. p.s. i dont think jon appreciates your blog because every time you post new stuff i want to go shopping. i miss you! lets get together ya ya ya

Matt & Tanya Wonderly said...

Shayne was so adorable and I love her! I think her watch was the Chanel one that I want so bad! I believe Nordstrom has it but look it up because it is to die for!

robert said...
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