Sunday, May 4, 2008

gladiator sandals

ok, so i'm probably going to offend a few people out there... but i just can not get in to this trend. however, might i add, i have seen them on a few people and thought "ok that looks good on them", but i just can't. and i'll tell you why. i don't have the longest, leanest legs, so when you get a flat sandal and then a strap or two around the ankle, it is bound to make your leg look shorter. i need all the help i can get when it comes to elongating my legs, so for all the tall, skinny girls out there- enjoy the gladiator sandals! two trends in one- metallics and gladiator

i just put this one in because honestly, who would buy those?

ruffle skirts

i really liked these ruffle skirts from gap. they are a good length, and light enough for the summer. it's kind of like that prairie skirt thing a few years ago, but not as long. i remember when i first bought one of those skirts, my mom asked me if i went shopping in the pioneer section. funny, mom. and even funnier, she ended up getting her own prairie skirt later. look, she's got her gladiator sandals on!

white watches

ever since i saw shayne from the bachelor wearing her white watch i have been on the prowl to find one, and last week i finally did. i got this first one here from guess and i love it. it's waterproof which is great since i'm in the shampoo bowl often. and i just read that white watches are hot this summer, so go out and get one!
dior from nordstrom
D&G from nordstrom
juicy from nordstrom-- i love this one

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

some cute summer clothes

tops from forever 21

bright jewels

get a ring with your initial on it

pearls for that flapper look

wide-leg jeans
cropped to stay cool

summer fashion trends 2008

sketch of flapper girls sheer blouse from forever 21

1920's flapper inspired

cute bracelets from

according to, the new summer 2008 fashion trends include sheer clothing, wide leg pants, lingerie inspired outerwear, shoulder padding(???), 1920's flapper, tuxedo style, art deco, stars and stripes, and big bold jewels.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

peep lids...

this Easter, why not do something festive with your makeup? try lavender, pink or aqua. think easter marshmallow peeps. my fav is to do a few fun shades in small panels of the lid. i saw this picture online and it was pretty much what i am talking about. and i loved these lips, too.

hair rut?

I went to to check out a few tips and their site is really good! There are a ton of beauty tips, fashion, hair and makeup, perfume, everything! I saw these cute styles for anybody who wants to try a fun style for a day.